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How Much Does a Home Extension Cost?

How Much Does a Home Extension Cost?

The time has come to do some renovations to your Sydney home, but your Google searches for “home improvement costs Sydney”, “Sydney house renovation estimates”, or  “how expensive are house extensions in Sydney?” has left you more confused than ever. Understandably so! A number of people out there are saying there is a “cost per m2” or a “cost per room” or, that you can build a new home for half the “cost per m2” of a house extension. While it would be FANTASTIC if building were actually this simple, it’s simply not the case. These “costs per m2” are inaccurate and misleading.

Why not to trust these “cost per m2” as a guide

The absolute BASIC facts are indeed that bathrooms are more expensive than kitchens, and kitchens more expensive than living areas or bedrooms (per m2 that is). Naturally – additions, home extensions or house renovations DO have a higher volume of these “expensive” rooms than, say, new construction projects.

Consider this – would a professional company give you a costs estimate before speaking to you about your home renovation needs, and without seeing your plans and property? It’s very unlikely that a figure provided to you is in-fact going to cover all the personal and important details – like room size, custom fixtures and fittings, a design that blends with the existing home. If you’re looking at a “ball-park” figure – you’re looking at unanticipated costs and sacrifice.

Finally – let’s deal with this “half the cost” to build a new home. If we break it down, building additions, house renovations and home extensions are more expensive… but this is more to do with what we mentioned before; home renovation projects DO have more of these “expensive rooms”. But now consider this – all work done by Sydney Extensions and Designs highly experienced and talented team is ON SITE – not built in a factory somewhere.

Build smarter with Sydney Extensions and Designs

At Sydney Extensions and Designs we understand that each family will want different things from their home renovations, and each home has its own personal character that should be preserved. We specialise in providing a service that’s as unique as you and your home renovation dreams – you can view some of our completed projects.

We think you’ll agree after reading this that, using such generalised “costs per m2” is not only unprofessional, but also entirely misleading. Our 39+ years in the industry has taught us this – any company claiming to already know the “cost per m2” of your project is a company with room for error.

Sydney Extensions and Designs is dedicated to providing a professional service that keeps your home renovations on track and in safe hands. For more than three decades we have been taking care of Sydney home renovations and extensions – and we have a long list of satisfied customers to vouch for our quality workmanship.

We always recommend you team up with a reputable specialist home renovations company, like Sydney Extensions and Designs, who employ only experienced, talented and knowledgeable staff to uphold their high standards. Sydney Extensions boasts a 3 tiered building management system which ensures all proposed designs are approval compliant. We’re proud to be a one stop shop for all your Sydney home renovation needs.

We offer a fixed price contracting process and No Interest No Repayments for 12 months (conditions apply) that begins with a FREE design consultation! Browse our website for more information or call our friendly team today on 02 9882 2448.

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