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How to Choose the Right Renovation Company

How to Choose the Right Renovation Company

People are becoming increasingly aware of how to achieve that luxurious, statement home when new construction is not an option – that’s right, it’s home renovations! There are so many advantages of Sydney house renovations, starting with the improved comfort and increased value of your home.

Spacious, luxurious and attractive homes have always been considered somewhat of a `status symbol‘ and it’s certainly no different here in Australia. Sydney’s rich history is evident in its culturally varied architectural styles, making Sydney a suburb where the appearance of a home can either enhance or detract from a reputation.

Home Renovations Sydney

When done correctly, home renovations will:

  • Decrease the amount of building maintenance required
  • Improve appearance and functionality
  • Add decades of life to your home – achieved by strengthening the bases and structures
  • A home that’s on point with the latest, yet timeless, trends and designs

For most, it makes complete sense that the final outcome is going to vary greatly and depend on the experience and workmanship of the renovation company you choose. If you want all the benefits listed above, plus some, choosing the right home renovations company is imperative! For others, cheaper is better… but unfortunately this is usually where the “renovation nightmare” stories originate.

Sydney Extensions is dedicated to helping everyone achieve their dream homes without having to sacrifice the important things in life – which is why we have a Finance Offer that’s the best in town – allowing you to realise your dream today and make no repayments with no interest for 12 months (conditions apply). Our experienced and innovative team boasts numerous sensationally luxurious and unique completed projects, building a fierce reputation over the last 35 years as Sydney’s house renovation experts.

Here are a few tips to help you feel comfortable about the home renovation company you choose to construct your dreams!

1. Be ready! There’s no point jumping on Google and contacting endless amounts of contractors and building companies if you don’t have a plan. Know what you want and when you want it. It’s also much easier, and wise, to set a budget for your home renovations too.

2. Homework. Now is the time to team up with Google (or your preferred search engine) as they become your best friend at this stage! For reliable and relevant results, ensure your search includes keywords like “Sydney home renovations”, “home renovations company Sydney” “Sydney house renovations company”. A company’s website will tell you a lot – view their completed projects, read what previous customers are saying about them, check credentials, and browse through lists of services.

3. Obtain quotes. All the best home renovation companies offer free quotes. Sydney Extensions offers a FREE, no obligation consultation with one of our specialist design consultants.

4. Set appointments. By now you’ve checked references, compared quotes, viewed a history of their workmanship and you’ve narrowed it down to two or three of Sydney’s best home renovation companies. It’s time to book those first appointments and see who’s really going to deliver the goods!

There’s a saying that goes “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known” ~ Carl Sagan ~ we’re here to tell you that somewhere is your Sydney home, and the something incredible is new and invigorated lifestyle you and your family deserve! Contact our friendly team today for your free renovation design and quote.

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