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Home Renovation Trends in 2017

Home Renovation Trends in 2017

With 2017 in full swing, we celebrate trends that embrace practicality and minimalism, tranquility and calm. If this is not your style, don’t worry — there’s something for everyone in our preview of design trends. After all, renovation is largely about innovation and that’s what we strive to do here at Sydney Extensions and Designs.

A home renovation in Sydney requires consideration of many options that deliver different benefits and advantages when renovating your home; from comfort and increased value of your property, to luxurious and attractive homes that add to Sydney’s high calibre of architecturally designed and culturally varied homes. We set out to deliver a completed project that blends in with the existing structure and complements your style.

Sydney people who love where they live tend to embrace their surroundings and find ways to draw connections between their home and natural environment.

After a renovation, homeowners feel proud and happy, even with the extensive help from professionals. There’s something gratifying about executing a flawless design – especially when embracing quality workmanship and materials.

2017 predictions see a general freedom and spontaneity in interior design; people are likely to be more daring with their design choices in order to reflect their personalities.

For inspiration and motivation for your renovation, read on…

Embrace Calm

A trend we are set to see more of is relaxed furniture and materials, from deep, super soft sofas, to oversized love seats, day beds, to lush materials such as chunky knit wool rugs and gigantic floor cushions.

Homes with nooks and crannies to retreat to will become more popular as humans become more entwined in the technological age. We will seek to create havens of calm and tranquillity, whether it’s a bedroom or an alcove we can escape to.

Faux Finishes

Faux Finishes

Who says you can’t afford luxury? Technologies today are inventing brilliant faux materials for us to use as alternatives in our daily lives. Say goodbye to marble bench tops and hello to engineered quartz. Not only are the faux materials lighter on your pocket for the budget conscious, they are so close to the real deal that hardly anyone will be able to tell. Faux materials have also been designed to outlast their original counterparts, meaning you won’t need to hover over your guests with their red wine on your fur rug like a Nervous Nellie.


Terracotta Renovation Trend

The orange and ochre colours of terracotta has made its way back into our good books, design wise. Where we will really see this colour palette is in the form of tiles, but not necessarily in the rustic way we are used to. Picture geometric modern shapes paired with dark timber and matte black, and maybe a touch of greenery too.

Dark Tones

Decorate Your Home Design

Darker pieces of furniture are on the rise again – we will see plenty of richer and darker tones in 2017. Dark shades of green create a wintery backdrop for tan leathers, luxurious textiles, brass lamps and natural linen. These darker tones add depth to your décor and can tie in the colours from the outdoors.


Cork Renovation Trend

Cork is definitely a material you should keep an eye out for in 2017. Not only is cork trendy and unique, it also adds warmth and texture to spaces. The material is also great for absorbing noise especially in our increasingly large, open plan homes. You can find cork being used in all sorts of furniture such as stools and side tables. If you want to get really creative, you can clad an entire wall with cork in your home office or living area and use it as a giant pin board. It’s the upgrade from the floor to ceiling blackboards we have seen in previous years.


Renovation Trends in 2017

2017 is also going to be an experimental period; it will explore greater degrees of dynamism in design, new approaches and very positive, strong forms. The tribe trend will envision bright, bold colours mixed with global patterns and materials.  It is a design agenda that support spontaneous decisions, independence and a globetrotting spirit.

Strong is the new pretty!



Further to embracing calm, 2017 brings a digital detox – taking a step back from technology and reclaiming the control it can have over us. This trend will focus on the beauty of functionality. There will be no design for design’s sake and instead concentrate on form and function in our everyday furniture.

This trend will be influenced by mid century and Brutalist architecture and designs. Think leather buckles, screws and rivets; simplicity is key here. Furniture will be designed for the end user and how they live and interact with the product.

If you’re looking to renovate your home in 2017, take advantage of our 12 months no interest no repayments (conditions apply)*. Check out our client reviews and speak to one of our design consultants to discuss your design and build needs for your new Sydney home renovation.

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