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Home Extensions and House Renovations are the Answer

Home Extensions and House Renovations are the Answer

Gone are the days of having to pack up the whole family over something as simple as space; home extensions and house renovations are proving their worth as more and more people opt to change the space they live in, instead of the postcode! Besides the obvious benefit of getting to stay where you’ve already put in the “hard yards”, other benefits include kids being able to stay in the same school system, and knowing your neighbours (and all the “ins and outs” of the neighbourhood).

Today you’ll see why home extensions are a better than relocating, you’ll realise this is actually easier than you think and you’ll be confident in making that first step to contacting a reputable renovation company to get the ball rolling.

Nothing but the truth about house extensions

The vast majority of owners don’t consider home renovations or house extensions as a valid option, due to the misconception that it’s expensive and doesn’t actually do much for the existing residence.

Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s a lot more affordable than you think. Compared with the time and costs associated with relocations – movers, bank fees, broker fees, rubbish removal, cleaning of the house – a simple addition to your house is likely to be far more cost-effective, while adding value (have a look at some photos and see what a difference it can make!), space and even more character to the place you call home!

Not only do you get the luxury of being able to achieve that “new home” feeling without actually leaving your home, we’re pretty sure your bank balance will thank you too! Sydney Extensions offer 12 months no interest and no repayments finance (conditions apply) to make it easy to renovate or extend your home.

Is it easy to extend your home?

Another misconception about house extensions and home renovations is the time and difficulty involved with extending a home. It’s because so many owners don’t have the right information that they feel “in too deep” just thinking about it, and so they never pursue this option. Don’t make the same mistake – by doing something as simple as calling a reputable, experienced company who specialise in extensions, and booking an appointment to discuss your renovation needs, you’re already out of the deep end.

Any good home renovation company will come complete with a team of specialist design consultants who have a wealth of knowledge and ideas to help you create a plan that’s both practical and everything you always wanted. Once you’re happy with the design, you can discuss costs, time and any other information necessary to get your project moving.

House Extensions over Relocating

Peace of mind really does come with information – after you’ve had your consultation with the company that provides the best home improvements at affordable prices, your decision making will get a lot easier. As highlighted earlier, there are a number of additional costs involved in relocating, and the benefits of keeping your family in the same place are substantial.

If you’re looking for a company who has over 35 years’ experience, a formidable reputation, innovative yet practical designs, exceptional customer service, quality products, timely completion of projects AND a 10 year structural guarantee – look no further than Sydney Extensions. As one of the largest Home Improvement and Extension Company’s in Australia, their award winning team has got your renovation and extension needs covered and in addition they offer 12 months no interest and no repayments finance (conditions apply).

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