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Sydney Home Renovations

Sydney Home Renovations

Explore the innovative and inspiring home renovation options available with Sydney Extensions!

Calling all home owners with a serious desire, or need for change – if you LOVE where you live, renovating your Sydney home is the answer you’re looking for. There are so many ideas and options at our fingertips it’s hard to choose a starting point to demonstrate the effect a few simple home renovations can have. So today we’re exploring a few of the popular rooms’ home owners choose to add to or modify.

Whether the home extension or improvement is internal or external, home improvements are exactly that – an improvement, and of more than just the area being built or renovated!

The idea of any home renovation is to deliver a completed project that blends in with the existing structure, unless it’s specifically designed to stand out of course! And while DIY might seem like an appealing option, unless you know what you’re doing and are prepared for delays, unexpected costs and potential “renovator’s rage” – then by all means, pick up that sledge hammer and go for it!

However, almost 40 years experience in the industry has taught us this; quality workmanship and materials prevail, every time. But enough about that, chances are if you’re reading this you’ve already weighed your options and decided to leave it to the professionals anyway! So let’s get to the real stuff, the ideas and rooms that will inspire and impress.

Converted Kitchens

Our kitchens are more than just an area to cook food – often when we’re entertaining, this room becomes the focal point at least once during the evening. Designing a kitchen that functions exactly as it should while providing a warm, comfortable entertainment setting adds elegance and practicality to your home.

Beautiful Bathrooms

Gone are the days of bathrooms being a small, dark room at the back of the house – this bathroom encompasses all your personal care needs (note the stylish vanity table), and is stunning to look at!

Loveable Laundrys

Often, due to poor design, our laundry’s can become overrun with clutter and piles of clothes in no time. Turn your laundry into a space that’s organized and inviting.

Alluring Alfresco

Delight and impress visitors with a unique outdoor dining experience and enjoy family dinners in the summer evening breeze.

Terrific Theatres

Now here’s a room EVERYONE will love! Bring back those family nights with popcorn and good movies!

For more inspirational ideas, and to view some of our completed home renovations, head over to our gallery pages and scroll through just a few of the projects that make us proud. To hear what it’s like to work with Sydney’s leading home renovation and extension builders’ company, here’s what our previous clients have to say.

For more information and to book your FREE consultation, browse our website or call our friendly team today on 02 9882 2442. Our highly motivated and professional team strive to deliver on time and on budget, every time – rest assured when you build or renovate with Sydney Extensions, your renovation project is in the best hands.

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